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Tallgrass Prairie is delightful from early May well into mid-October. And, it really puts on a show around the middle of August to mid-September.

We are on site most days in the spring, summer and fall. Stop by or contact us ahead of time to arrange a walk through. A short tour takes about half an hour. A full tour can be up to two hours.

The SILVER PLAINS PROJECT is in the RM of Morris, Manitoba.

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A presentaton—in journal format—of the goings on at this location. Along with photos of them are comments from some of the various flora and fauna.

This walkabout starts with the return of the "honkers" and other birds (which is a prelude to the arrival of spring in southern Manitoba).

It kicks into gear with the emergence of the flora (as temperatures rise). And includes the fauna as they show up.

Comments (5)

  • It may not look like much from the road, but that's the nature of tallgrass prairie. Stop in and let Robert guide you through his recreation -- you'll be surprised by the diversity this relatively small plot holds! Robert has spent so much time tending this project that he knows each individual plant (or so it seems). There's a story behind each one, and I encourage you to pop by and hear a few of them as Robert shares his passion for the endangered tallgrass prairie and its inhabitants.

  • Simone Hébert Allard

    When I heard about Robert's project, I was in awe. And still am. To me, he is one of too few pioneers returning the birthright to the land. To me, his property is a living museum that demonstrates the splendour of the tall grass prairie that once was. The feeling that I had when I visited the site with my sister was one of intimacy. Robert is intimate with the land. It is an organic relationship that is very powerful. Author Barry Lopez once said: "I know of no restorative of heart, body, and soul more effective against hopelessness than the restoration of the Earth." Hats off to Robert and his wife, Coleen, who are pursuing this sacred calling.

  • It was a pleasure stopping by and having a moment to sit in a natural grassland. This is important work, one that could be emulated across the prairie by farmers everywhere. In Europe, and until Brexit, farmers are given incentives to cultivate wild lands such as this. I don't see why we couldn't do the same as these are non-invasive species and they contribute to the well-being of our continent. It's never a case of either/or, rather, we can have it all! Thanks Robert for showing us your work.

  • Louise E Hebert-Saindon

    When I first visited Robert's land I was amazed by the immense knowledge and dedication he possesses and the beauty he has re-created. The fragile yet tenacious native plants of the prairies have great advocates in Robert Mears and his partner Coleen Zebeluk.

  • Mixedwood Forest Society members had a field trip to Robert and Coleen's tall grass prairie installation on Saturday. We were guided by Robert, and fascinated by the multitude of blooms and stalks. Including wetland species and a clump of cactus. Their knowledge and understanding of micro habitats, their careful collection of seeds and plantings, their ability to name and appreciate the varieties of forbs and flowers was as captivating as the insects pollinating the species. I picked a large bag of horsetail for joint medicine. I made plans to grow cord grass by our dugout. All of us read books and field guides on prairie plants when we returned, inspired and motivated by their installation, wanting to learn more about this unusual, successful, colorful and biodiverse habitat. We're going back. If you care for plants, prairies, and our planet, reward yourself by visiting this remarkable project.

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